Kodak Black never ceases to disgust me.

The rapper, who is currently in jail on gun charges, released a new rap on his Instagram page where he took aim at pregnant City Girls rapper, Yung Miami.

Kodak Black Threatens To Hit Pregnant Yung Miami In Her Stomach

In his rap, that was recorded during a prepaid phone call from jail, Kodak rapped about hitting Yung Miami in the stomach.

And I bought Yung Miami a ring, she wanted 808’s baby
When I see her I’mma hit that b**ch in her stomach
The way I keep this sh*t too real f**kin’ up my money

Listen to the ignorant shizznit below.


Yung Miami’s baby’s father, Atlanta producer Southside, took to social media in response to the threat saying, “Somebody tell Kodak ‘suck a d*ck. How about that. And get up out of jail first, p***y.” 

Why isn’t anyone filing a police report?

This fool threatened to hit a pregnant woman in her stomach!!!

Kodak Black is no stranger to talking reckless and making offensive remarks. Remember what he said about Lauren London after Nipsey’s passing?!

He’s trash.

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