Kirk Frost - Jasmine Washington DNA test

Jasmine Washington To File Warrant For Kirk Frost To Take DNA Test

Ignoring your problems won’t make them go away….

Jasmine Washington is sick and tired of Kirk Frost dipping, dodging, and delaying responsibility for her baby boy, Kannon, so she’s planning to take action.

For months, Jasmine has unsuccessfully tried to serve Kirk the paternity and child support suit she filed claiming she was his kept woman until she got pregnant and things got real.

According to Bossip, Jasmine and her attorney are done playing games and they’re ready to file a warrant against the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star.

Kirk Frost is running from taking this test,” Washington’s new lawyer, Tony Mathis told BOSSIP. “He’s too scared to take the test because he knows the baby is his. All he has to do is take the test. Let’s get the damn thing over with.”

Mathis said that enough is enough, and if Frost doesn’t step up and take the DNA test, his client will file a warrant against him for criminal abandonment, Mathis told BOSSIP.

“We’re gonna find him,” Mathis said. “We’ll alert the authorities and we’re going to put a warrant out for arrest for criminal abandonment of a child.”

Meanwhile, Mathis said Washington has been trying to provide for the baby without a steady source of income.

“She’s struggling,” Mathis said. “She doesn’t have any financial support or the child. You are dealing with a baby who has needs.”

Mathis said Frost isn’t behaving like an innocent man.

“If any man knows it’s not his kid, he’s going to be the first one to take the test,” the lawyer said. “He’s been running around for the last six months!”

I find it interesting that Kirk performed an at home DNA test to find out if Rasheeda’s baby was his, but he’s in the wind when it comes to Kannon.

But….if he doesn’t take a DNA test…he doesn’t have to pay (for now).

And Rasheeda already said Jasmine isn’t getting her money.

Your thoughts?

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