Kimbella Gushes About Missing Juelz Santana, Says Yandy Isn't Supporting As Promised

It’s been three weeks since Juelz Santana has been in jail and his wife, Kimbella James, is missing him like crazy.

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Kimbella took to social media on Wednesday and gushed over her man writing:

That’s MY Husband!! I miss him SO much and so do the kids, we went to visit him Saturday that just passed and what a blessing!! To see my Husband and their father in a tailored Khaki shirt, Tailored Khaki pants and Timb’s on to set the mood!! Lol your boy is doing just fine!! Had D&G cologne sprayed on and a fresh new cut just to see us! Too bad in the feds we don’t get conjugal visits chile ?

But the kids were sooooo happy to see him doing well and being able to hug and hang out with him for some hours! He was smiling and was so happy to see us, he had nothing but good things to say about the camp he’s at. It of course, was so sad to leave when it was time to go.

I just hope this gets easier the more we go visit and with time. I know he will be home soon now that he has started his sentence, and with God & Prayer we will be good overall! Because we are Blessed regardless of the circumstances at hand ????

I’ll be back to update you all on our progress through this. We appreciate all your prayers & support at this time!
Week 3!

When a fan asked if Yandy Smith kept her word about supporting Kimbella and her family while Juelz is away, Kim responded, “Nah she didn’t.”

See the screenshot below.

Kimbella Gushes About Missing Juelz Santana, Says Yandy Smith Isn't Supporting As Promised

I’m not really surprised after the exchange the ladies had during the reunion show. It got extremely heated and although they peaced it up at the end, it’s really clear that Yandy ain’t beat.



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