I am totally here for Kim Kardashian the advocate!

Kanye West‘s wife has committed to paying 5 years rent for Matthew Charles, a former inmate who was denied housing because of his criminal record.

Matthew was released from jail on January 3 under Donald Trump’s new First Step Act, which allows judges to retroactively apply the drug sentencing reforms of the Fair Sentencing Act.

Since his release, Matthew Charles has found full-time employment, he’s bought himself a car and he’s been living with a friend while looking for his own place.

Unfortunately, that has been an uphill battle. Although he was convicted of a non-violent drug offense, Matthew has been incarcerated for over 20 years and does not have any credit history.

Kim Kardashian heard his story and his challenges and was moved to step in to help.

For the record, Kim made no mention of helping Matthew Charles. He was the one who shared the amazing news via Facebook.



Kim Kardashian did take to social media to share her plans to fight against end the death penalty in California.


Good for her!

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