Kim Kardashian took to social media asking for assistance after former inmate Matthew Charles was denied housing again!

Matthew served over 20 years in prison for a non-violence drug offense.

He was released from jail on January 3 under Donald Trump’s new First Step Act, which allows judges to retroactively apply the drug sentencing reforms of the Fair Sentencing Act.

Since his release, Matthew Charles has found full-time employment, he’s bought himself a car and he’s been living with a friend while looking for his own place.

Because he has been incarcerated for the last 20 years, Matthew does not have any credit history.

That’s when Kim Kardashian stepped in and offered to pay 5 years rent for Matthew upfront, but her celebrity and money weren’t good enough to get him housing.

Kim took to social media writing:

Matthew Charles’s lease application was rejected again bc of his criminal record (even w me paying his rent in advance).

If there are any landlords w a 2 bedroom in Nashville willing to give Mr. Charles a 2nd chance, contact [email protected] Serious inquiries only, thank you ??

See the original post below.


Kim Kardashian - Matthew Charles


I truly hope someone will give Matthew Charles the opportunity to get his own housing.

Again, I appreciate Kim for trying her best to help.

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