True Thompson

Khloe Kardashian G-checked a woman on Twitter who had the unmitigated gall to say her baby girl, True Thompson, was “not cute at all” and tagged her in the post.

The woman, who goes by “Sam,” tweeted:

Is it just me or is @khloekardashian baby, True, not cute at all? ?

Khloe was completely outdone when she responded:

What self-respecting adult would even comment on a child’s appearance? What type of disgusting human being are you? It’s pathetic that you are this miserable in your life.

She went on to tell her fans:

She’s a loser for that. No respect for people like that. People are entitled to their own opinions and feelings but why on earth would you tweet that and if you must why would you tag me?

See Khloé’s tweets below.


The internet can be cruel – but I’m always floored when I see people talking recklessly about kids and babies.

Children should always be off limits!