Keyshia Cole-2

Keyshia Cole is in love under new management, but her womb is unoccupied.

The singer took to Instagram on Saturday evening to let her fans know she is not pregnant, then added she would love to have a baby girl.

Things must be getting serious with her young bae, Niko Khale, because Keyshia noted “marriage seems like the way to go.”

Keyshia Cole - Niko Khale

Read her post below:

No??‍♀️ I, AM, NOT, Pregoo!!! But I’ll be SURE TO LET YOU ALL kno, when that time comes, until then………. I’m IN THE GYM FA SHO!!!!!!

marriage seems like the way to go, when considering ?AND just FYI……… I would LOOOOOOVE a BABY GIRL………. ? But there’s still so much work to be done ??‍♀️

She looks happy. Good for her!