Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole Says Don’t Judge Her She’s Nothing Like Frankie!

Like many of us Keyshia Cole has overcome many personal and professional challenges in her life, but she doesn’t want you to judge her!

The R&B singer, who is currently in Atlanta working on her new album, took to her Instagram page on Saturday and asked people not to judge her or discount the hard work she’s put in to make a great life for herself and her son.

The post was triggered by a internet troll who said Keyshia was just as “f**ked up as Frankie she just has cash.”

The singer said it pisses her off when people say she’s just like Frankie writing, “I’ve never fronted on my mother, neither one! Never disowned my mother because of drugs. (She’s the reason I would NEVER even try Drugs).”

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