Mom got kicked off by the third episode😳 !!!!!!! Smh!!! I was really disappointed about that!!! And so was she but, I respect 10000000% why @stephengranthill made the executive decision, and I agreed!!! My mother has to realize, people love her!! But first she must love herself!!!! It’s things we just COULD NOT put in the show!!! And we don’t want her to just “Say” she’s gonna do better, but actually GET BETTER for real!!!! Mom thinks the public likes to see her an emotional wreck! But you guys should see how amazingLy funny, humble, loving, kind, sweet, reliable, and understanding she is #WhileSober!!!!!! As u guys will see on the show, My sister Neffe is fighting a battle only SHE and GOD alone can concur!!!!! And I #Support this journey!!! As a sister, and friend!!!! My sister Elite Noel is such a beautiful person, I really hope you guys get to see that side of her, along with her talent!!! #OVERALL I feel so blessed, all that we have been thru, no matter how hard the road!!!! They’re all getting paid. More so than anything, I really believe it’s therapeutic for us all!!!! Thank u all. I hope u enjoy!!!!!!!! Once again thank u to my #BROTHER👦🏽 @stephengranthill for caring about my mothers well being and not just concerned with the hype of it all!!! I will always respect u and cherish our friendship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #FrankieNeffeandElite #SHOW!!! #BeBlessed #YouGuysCanMakeIt!! #YouCanDOIt!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

It’s no secret that Keyshia Cole has been through hell and back with her family. At times she’s even had to cut them off for the sake of her son and her sanity.

Hopefully, Frankie will finally get herself together.

Do you plan on watching the “Frankie & Neffe” show?

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