Keyshia Cole - Floyd Mayweather

Keyshia Cole Gushes About Floyd Mayweather

For weeks, Keyshia Cole and Floyd Mayweather have been on Bae Watch, as folks tried to figure out exactly what’s going on between them.

Their late night Snapchat sessions and shopping sprees have lead many to believe the singer and boxing champ are Homie/Lover/Friends.

Keyshia added more fuel to the fire by using Throwback Thursday as an opportunity to gush about the love and admiration she has for her “friend.”

#TBT I love this guy, Always have and always will. This is someone that I’ve seen grow into the man he is today, right in front of my eyes. (Last eight years) When around him, I see someone who has worked extremely hard for everything he has!!! Someone who motivates me to go out, and go that much harder for everything I want in life. Thankful for every second I’m around you, thankful for the motivation I get from just being in your presence. I’ve known ya since the gap dayz ? I love ya ❤️FM #FMT #NotTooManCanCall #Friend

Aww how sweet.

This sort of reminds me of the special friendship Floyd had with Chilli.

Your thoughts?