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Kevin McCall has officially become the poster child for unstable baby fathers.

The “Deuces” singer completely lost his cool and went into full “mitch” mode when his ex, Eva Marcille left a flirty kissy emoticon on a recent pic Wale posted on his Instagram page.


Eva Marcille - Wale



Kevin popped up and commented under the same photo calling the mother of his 11-month-old daughter “weak.”

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When Wale and Eva’s fans began to call him out for being a bitter baby daddy and accused him of being jealous…Kevin McCall responded by saying the rapper has herpes.

Lol he got herpes please never that…lol and @wale don’t wanna see me OR he can holla in person when he see me on the set.

But, it didn’t stop there. Kevin took his foolishness back to his own Instagram feed and posted:

I will NEVER be jealous of another Man. Especially a man with herpes….Drops mic.

Don’t start nothing won’t be nothin. Please miss me the Kevin is hater sh*t lol that Neeever ME. It’s impossible…in conclusion. Any problems address them in person IF not, keep it on MUTE. I’m easy to find goin about my day…please stop me and the street and get your issue if u have one.

My last comment is : see me in person any other comments are irrelevant goodnight my crowd is waiting for me to sing can’t keep em waiting fuccing wit yal…hope you all enjoyed good night.

(His poor grammar and spelling…not mine.)

Apparently, when Kevin McCall thought about the repercussions of his defaming posts about Wale, he returned to Instagram to offer him a public apology.

@wale I jus wanna public apologize to you for my actions and the negative energy I pushed yo way… You’re great at what you do. and You and your Family deserve everything you got coming yo way I never wanna mess that up over shit that ain’t even true some Me being in my feelings…that’s was weak on my part…

Eva Marcille responded to Kevin’s foolishness with this post:


A photo posted by Eva Marcille (@evamarcille) on


Wale, who never hesitates to clap back, hasn’t responded or addressed Kevin McCall‘s shenanigans.

I usually don’t condone beef, but Kevin deserves whatever he has coming.

Don’t worry…I’ll wait.

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