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Kevin McCall Attempts To Explain His Instagram Meltdown – ‘Wale Called Me…I Apologized’


Somebody grab their “Deuces” prayer cloth and send up a prayer for Kevin McCall.

Last week, I told about his Instagram meltdown after he spotted his ex, Eva Marcille leaving flirty emojis on Wale‘s photo.

Kevin lashed out at Wale claiming he had herpes and challenged him to “see him” if he had a problem with it.

Then, Kevin apologized and sang Wale‘s praises. Chile.

On Tuesday, Kevin McCall called in to “The Breakfast Club” to talk about the incident and I promise you it sounded just like Rick James talking about stomping Eddie Murphy’s couch.

First, Kevin tried to say he wasn’t talking about Wale.

I never spread a rumor that Wale had herpes. All I said was… ‘I’ll never be jealous of a man with herpes. Drops the mic.’ But, whoever got offended by it..that’s up to them.

When Angela Yee pulled his card and read his post back to him, Kevin changed his tune and admitted Wale gave him a call about the incident. Kevin said after speaking to the rapper he felt it was only right to apologize.

I’ll just be real. I got a call from him and he came at me respectfully so I just felt like the bigger higher up thing to do was apologize. Ya’ll make it bigger than it need to be.

Uhh…if you get online and talk recklessly about someone the way he did Wale, NO ONE needs to make it bigger than it already is.

Kevin also talked about how Eva is keeping their daughter, Marley Rae, away from him and won’t allow him to see her until 2019. Bruh…what?!

Last week, Kev posted Instagram videos of him arguing with Eva over his visitation rights. Then, he deleted them.

This dude is touched…and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Listen to Kevin McCall‘s convo with “The Breakfast Club” below.



Good luck with that fool, Eva! Cause you gone need it.

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