Kevin Hart addresses internet trolls


Kevin Hart singled out a few “internet trolls” on Tuesday after a photo he posted of his baby boy garnered some pretty ugly comments.

The Jumanji star posted photos of three women and one man with the caption:

Happy Turned up Tuesday people….On this beautiful Tuesday morning I want to shine a light on 4 individuals that desperately need it. I choose to spread love not hate….But these people choose to spread hate….These are the pictures of internet trolls.

You should never get upset at what internet trolls say because 100percent of the time they are not happy with themselves or their lives. Now I could slaughter these people with a variety of comedic insults but I’m not. I’m wishing @puhzzey @frankihatch @brittney_85 & @flyvet4real a beautiful blessed day.

P.S I couldnt help myself #SheLookLikeArsenioHallinTheFace #SheHasaPairOfSweatPantsThatSheMadeIntoaThongInHerAss #ThatsPubicOnHisHead #ThatsJustToMuchFaceInThatFirstPhoto …..God Bless….I love everybody

Kevin posted a second video explaining why he highlighted a few of his haters.

See the clips below.


The sad reality is people can be cruel and no parent wants to see people talking greasy about their children.

But, by posting their photos and dedicating your attention to said trolls it proves they got under your skin no matter how hard you smile.

Your thoughts?