Kevin Hart Posts Security Photo Of Man Who Robbed His House & Asks Fans To Help Identify Him

Kevin Hart Posts Security Photo Of Man Who Robbed His House

Kevin Hart knows the power of social media! He’s used it to boost his career, sell out shows, and fill up movie theaters. Now, he’s using it to find the man who robbed his house!

The comedian and actor posted a security photo of the thief on social media and asked his 67.5 million followers to help identify him.


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Here is a picture from the security cameras of the jackass that’s been robbing houses….Real smart move wearing the cool ski mask that shows ur eyebrows & the bags under ur eyes. We are on yo ass man….I’m about to show u the power of social media….One of my followers might recognize u and might not like you which would mean that they could careless about giving u up….Lets play a game of tell on the robber real quick…who knows I might get lucky!!!!! ?????

Kevin Hart’s home was burglarized almost two weeks ago and the thieves made off with $500,000 worth of his property and belongings.

Police believe the thieves are a part of a Bling Ring out to target celebrities living in Hollywood.

Let’s see if Kevin’s fans identify the perp!