Kevin Hart Responds To His Haters

Kevin Hart Responds To His Haters

Kevin Hart took a minute from celebrating his first wedding anniversary with Eniko to respond to the “crabs in a barrel” women who hate on his happy home.

Apparently, there still fans who can’t and/or won’t let go of how Kevin’s marriage to Torrei Hart ended.

The actor and comedian “I usually don’t have time, but I got time today” when slid into the comments of Baller Alert and went in!

In his lengthy post Kevin wrote:

This is a reality check to you all. While you look at happy people and judge them and try and tear them down ask yourself if they give 2 sh*ts.

The reality is they don’t.

Do me a favor and go find somebody to hug and actually smile.

Read Kevin Hart’s full post below.

Kevin Hart Responds To His Haters

Your thoughts on Kevin Hart’s reality check?

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