Kevin Hart - Mike Epps beefJust when you thought they had moved past the foolishness, Kevin Hart and Mike Epps were going at it again over who’s the funnier comedian.

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Comedy Hype poured kerosene on the smoldering fire when they posted a headline on social media that read, “Mike Epps Thinks Everyone Is Funnier Than Kevin Hart.”

Mike saw the post and commented, “That’s not press worthy gtfoh now post that!!”

It appeared as though Eppsie was telling the outlet to stop stirring the pot.

Kevin, on the other hand, took a deep dive into his feelings and went in on Mike Epps calling him a “sad individual” with a “crabs in a barrel mentality.”

He went on to tell Mike how “sick” he’s going to be when he sees all of the big plans he has coming up next year.

Peep Kevin Hart’s post below.

Kevin Hart-Mike Epps

Mike Epps responded to Kevin’s post by informing him his response to Comedy Hype was not shade towards him, but yet he’s “still starving to be a victim.”

Eppsie went on to remind Kevin that he has “a long line of sh*t to clean up” before he can  hand him a bucket.

He also noted Kevin takes every chance possible to announce his accomplishments to “show the world how great he is.”

Mike ended by congratulating Kevin and adding that he still doesn’t think he’s funny.

Kevin Hart - Mike Epps beef


Kevin played himself.