Kevin Gates - All Lives Matter

Kevin Gates On Black Lives Matter

I’m putting a condo on my wrist and cashing out on Kevin Gates!

In a video, that’s making its rounds on social media, the rapper talks Stacey Dash, police brutality, and says he “don’t feel like Black Lives Matter,” instead he “feels like All Lives Matter.”

He went on to explain how it was his actions that resulted in him being brutally beaten by police.

I’ve been a victim of police brutality – excuse me. I wasn’t a victim of police brutality – I got my a** whooped by the police before. But, you know why? Because I was belligerent.

I was conducting myself like a n***er. I was conducting myself in an ignorant manner. I had no respect for myself, I had no respect for the authority that was talking to me. So, I deserved what I got.

Kevin drove his point home by saying, “I don’t feel like Black Lives Matter. I feel like All Lives Matter because I swore a vow to love all humanity.”

Watch the clip below.



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