Kevin Gates addresses kicking teen girl in new song The Truth


Kevin Gates is breaking his silence on the incident at a Florida nightclub that resulted in him being charged with simple battery for kicking a teenage girl in her chest.

[Kevin Gates Charged With Battery After Kicking Teenage Girl In The Chest During His Performance]

In a newly released song titled, “The Truth,” Kevin claims the teenage girl grabbed his genitals and warned her more than once to stop.

He also apologized for “overreacting.”

Then, the rapper goes on to chastise the young lady for actions saying, “You’re a queen and you wasn’t respecting yourself!”

Peep the lyrics below:

All on the news bout what happened in Florida
Posted on Worldstar an iPhone recording
She grabbed my d**k – overreacted I’m sorry
Two and three times I had already warned her
Edit that part out I don’t like to argue
My children go with me to every performance
You should have respect for yourself
You’re a queen and you wasn’t respecting yourself
Never been disrespected you know how it felt
You don’t have to like me go love someone else

Listen to “The Truth” on page 2.