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Kevin Federline Apologizes to Beyonce – ‘I Know What It’s Like To Be Judged By People Who Don’t Know You’

Kevin Federline Apologizes To Beyonce

Kevin Federline has succumbed to the wrath of the Beyhive and has issued a public apology to Beyonce.

On Sunday, Britney Spears‘ ex tweeted Beyonce’s face looked botoxed at the Miguel Cotto v. Canelo Alvarez fight.

He went on to add how sad it is when beautiful women chop and screw their faces.

THIS WON’T END WELL: Kevin Federline Says Beyonce’s Face Looks ‘Botoxed, Chopped, & Screwed’

Within minutes, the Beyhive swooped down on him and dragged him like a dead leg through the streets of social media.

By Wednesday, Kevin had returned to Twitter to issue an apology to the Queen Bey for his thoughtless comments. He also went on to say he knows what it’s like to be judged by perfect strangers.

Then, he praised Beyonce for being a great role model and said he daughters look up to her.

Peep the tweets.

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