The shocking news of Rasual Butler and Leah LaBelle‘s deaths has left so many people in shock and others absolutely numb.

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Keri Hilson took to Instagram on Wednesday to remember Leah with a beautiful and heartfelt message.

In the lengthy post, Keri recalled how she reached out to Leah after seeing her cover of “Energy” on YouTube and the rest is history.

Read her full post below.

My sweet Leah-Leah. I’m heartbroken, doll. Yet my heart is warm in all these memories of you… I remember stumbling upon this Youtube of a girl singing (killing) my song, “Energy” in ‘08. I reached out & flew her down to Atlanta. I had to meet her. This was the first and only time I have ever felt so compelled to do that. There was just something about her… She was overly appreciative for the opportunity to be around & see things from the inside. She wanted to be everywhere from studio to rehearsal…it made me so happy to inspire her. Her tears of joy & appreciation warmed my heart & I wanted to show her everything she wanted to see or learn, so I took her under my wings. This yielded her cameo in “Turnin Me On” Vid & I invited her to sing background on my House Of Blues tour w/ Robin Thicke. She did other tapings & shows until she decided she was ready to pursue her own career.

It was time to let her fly… Over the next 10 years we’d stay in touch, & she’d always be sure to express her gratitude that I was the first to show interest in her talent. She was so gracious. I got a text from her on Jan 9th that something strange had happened while in Philly w/ Rasual & she thought of me. She said a perfect stranger in a hotel lobby told her that her season of frustration over the last two years was coming to an end, but her breakthrough would come from Atlanta, not LA. Said she’s never seen this man a day in her life. She felt it meant that we should reunite. I text back, “Well maybe you should come spend some time down here & let’s see what happens!” She apologized for the weird story & I assured her that I have an understanding of how earth-angels guide us. I truly looked forward to being a vessel of change or inspiration for her again…I wish it happened. We would have made great music once again.

She was truly an angel…I’ll never forget her vulnerability. Her gentle soul. Her super sensitive, sappy self. Lol. Her innocence. Her pure love for music. Her funny laugh that made me laugh & her childlike joy. Leah was special. She was just…different. She wasn’t built like us…she was better. She was meant to be here & I was meant to be changed by HER. ❤️

Watch the video below.

Rest in paradise.