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Keri Hilson & Ex-NFLer Ricardo Lockette Get Petty After Their Split, Twitter Reacts

Keri Hilson & Ricardo Lockette Split

After flaunting their relationship all over social media, Keri Hilson and ex-NFLer Ricardo Lockette have called it quits.

The first sign of trouble in paradise was when Keri began tweeting about “mistakes” and taking “risks” with folks.

Ricardo slid over to Instagram and made it plain when he dropped a quote about new beginnings and whatnot.

Then, he moonwalked over to Twitter to “pettily” wish Keri well….

Four hours later, Ricardo tried to clean it up by saying he wasn’t shading Keri:

Meanwhile, Keri Hilson is trending on Twitter as folks share their hilarious reactions to the split and fellas try to shoot their shot now that Miss Keri Baby is back on the market.

Peep the tweets on page 2.

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