Kenya Moore Responds To NeNe Leakes On “Watch What Happens Live”

Kenya Moore appeared on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” on Sunday night to chat about the episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” that caused NeNe Leakes to issue her a 2K16 read on Instagram for calling her a backstabber.

NeNe Leakes Blasts Kenya Moore For Calling Her A Backstabber

Kenya said she was surprised by it, but she stands by her beliefs.

Well, I was surprised. She talked about Sheree and Kim. What about Marlo Hampton? What about her bridesmaids?

I just think that friendships when you have them and they’re real…that you don’t spill each other’s secrets and you don’t come after their livelihood. Both things that NeNe did.

Now, whether or not she was acting out of emotion at the time and she felt that she was betrayed then so be it.

But, don’t say you didn’t betray her because I do believe and I stand firm in that belief.

When a caller asked her thoughts on NeNe returning to the show, Kenya said she believes NeNe is a changed woman.

Well, I was surprised that she was back because she acted like she hated us so much.

You know, I think from that episode til now I’ve gotten to see that she really is quite changed, I think. She’s a softer person and I’m really enjoying who she is now.

Kenya also understands why NeNe snapped on her.

She was defending herself against what she thought was not true. I don’t think that’s being mean.

Your thoughts?