Kenya Moore Gushes About 'New Beginnings' With Hubby Marc DalyKenya Moore Opens Up About New Beginnings

Kenya Moore is ready to leave her mistakes in the past because it’s all about new love and new beginnings with her hubby Marc Daly.

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The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is anxious and hopeful about starting a family with her husband after her recent visit to an IVF clinic in Barbados.

On Sunday, she took to social media to share:

Life teaches many lessons, has many twists and turns, but always seems to present opportunities for a better today and tomorrow.

I have looked for the wrong things in the past relationships. I have been wronged, and been hurt by others, but I’ve also doled out my share of pain and mistreatment. These all stemmed from not having deep love and relationships. Now, I have found love and want to start it with a clean slate.

I want to put my past mistakes behind me and move foreword positively with my new life.

No more excuses, or negativity. I now have the chance to live not only for myself, but for my own family. The stakes are the greatest they’ve ever been in my life. Today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today.

Have a blessed Sunday. #love #life #newbeginnings #familyfirst #ThatsMrsDalyToYou

I sincerely wish Kenya the best.