Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore took to social media on Friday night and went AWF after she says three people popped up at Moore Manor unannounced.

According to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, the three uninvited guests, two men and a woman, jumped her fence, and knocked on her door.

I’m pissed! 3 people knocked on my door a woman and 2 big grown men. They climbed the fence when they couldn’t get through my security gates. They got what they came for I stay sitting on ready. if any crazy motherfuckers want to F with me u deserve what’s behind these doors. #myhammersstayready #criminaltrespass #theytriedit

I have a right to feel safe in my home and to protect myself. I don’t care if I’m on TV. What if 3 strangers banged on your front door …2 of them being grown men wearing dark clothing knowing they could only get to you by jumping fences or trespassing onto other properties and mine? 
There are home invasions, robberies, rapist…What if your children or loved ones were threatened this way?

Anyone who is bold enough to commit a crime, endanger themselves and others needs to be punished.

Please help me identify these people. $1000 reward email [email protected] 
#savage #YouDontWantThisWork

Kenya made it very clear that she will shoot first and ask questions later.



Kenya Moore also offered surveillence photo and offered a $1,000 reward for the identities of her uninvited guests.



Kenya also released a photo of her pulling a gun on the trespassers.



The woman who allegedly trespassed is Loren E’leece, who took to Instagram to say Kenya Moore is over-exaggerating the incident.


Kenya Moore

Oh Honey Bye!!!! ?? either this woman is not speaking about us (but very coincidental ) or she is way over exaggerating the story. BUT if she is trying to over exaggerate, it was my family who came to her house at 10am today. No we did not hop the fence, No we did not knock on the front door, no we did not see her and there wasn’t ANY men with us! We could clearly see your house from the road. So chile you are being very extra. If you are that concerned with security maybe you should have a fence all around your house versus just on your drive way ? But please pull security footage I would love to see ? #Mooremanor #heifadontevenhaveapropermailbox #preferredtostayatchateaubysheree #lyingassheifas #shetriedit #tryingtofeelimportant #girlbye

Having strangers on your property is never cool to have people show up to your home unnanounced – strangers or family.

Your thoughts?