Kenny Lattimore and Judge Faith Jenkins are engaged to be married!

The R&B crooner took to social media on Labor Day to share his exciting news.

??? ???? ???! ?⁣

I’m happy to share the exciting news about our engagement today! My fiancé @judgefaithjenkins is known to many of you as the beauty with (a whole lot of) brains. She is indeed that & much more!⁣

Faith, I am forever grateful to God for His faithfulness in sending me you. To say you are the total package is a vast understatement. You are powerful and passionate about life and yet your presence brings me so much peace. Your drive and ambition never cease to amaze me and your heart is filled with love & empathy for others. Everything you do on and off tv is done with dignity and grace – it’s why you’re an inspiration to so many, including me. I posted my song “Deserve” last week as it says everything about us that I feel. “We have something so rare … you don’t deserve the wait any longer. I’m ready to make you mine forever.” ⁣

I’m honored you said YES to our forever! ⁣

A special thank you to Aaron & Adrian Lindsey, Pastor Brian for our pre-engagement counseling, @Devonfranklin for you & Megan’s friendship and leadership with #TheWait, Jaumel Farley (for helping with my proposal surprise) & our family & friends for your tremendous support.

Kenny Lattimore & Judge Faith Jenkins Are Engaged

Faith Jenkins also took to social media with her own post about her engagement to Kenny Lattimore.

Some personal news: I’m engaged! ⁣

⁣Many of you know @kennylattimore as an incredibly talented vocalist and while I couldn’t be more proud of his legendary work as an artist — to me (and all who know him personally) —- it’s who he is on the inside that makes him a star. His beautiful spirit has captured my heart. ❤️⁣
Kenny: you are one of the kindest, most genuine souls on the planet. I’ve never met anyone like you. In a world where I was told my standards were too high, you came in my life from day one & exceeded them all! You made me thankful that I refused to settle. You showed me the essence & integrity of true love. The first time you took me by the hand to lead us in prayer I knew this would be different. And I was right. (just remember, I’m always right ?) You embody all I’ve ever wanted in a life partner. And on top of it all you’re an amazing dad. ❤️⁣⁣
My husband to be… ⁣⁣
I always knew you existed ?? ⁣⁣

This will be the second marriage for Kenny, who was married to singer Chantè Moore from 2002-2011.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple. I with them the very best.

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