Kenneka Jenkins' Mother Teresa Martin & Her Attorney Hold Press Conference

Kenneka Jenkins’ Mother Holds Press Conference

After Rosemont Police released a few snippets of surveillance video of Kenneka Jenkins in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, her mother Teresa Martin, and her attorney, Larry Rogers Jr., held a press conference.

Rogers noted as of Friday, the family still has not received the surveillance video of Kenneka in its entirety.

They’ve received several snippets, like the ones I posted earlier today, but none of them show Kenneka Jenkins walking into a freezer.

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The snippets show a young lady who is disoriented and a lady who is clearly in need of some attention.

She’s trying to find her way and no one from Crowne Plaza Hotel responds to her. No one from Crowne Plaza Hotel is seeking to provide assistance to her.

And for over a day…approximately a day and a half apparently she was somehow down in this freezer and they have no way – they haven’t until this day explained how someone got into an area that clearly or apparently was not being utilized.

And a freezer that was on that was apparently not being used.

Watch the full press conference below.

Still praying the family finally gets the truth and justice.

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