Mary J. Blige - Kendu Isaacs

Kendu Isaacs Wants To Fix His Marriage

Last month, Mary J. Blige filed for divorce to end her 12-year marriage to Kendu Isaacs, but he’s not ready to give up.

Over the weekend, Kendu broke his silence on his marriage by responding to fans on his Instagram page.

On fan asked, “What did you do to Mary J?” He responded, “Married her. Loved her. Helped her. And try to grow with her.”

Another fan told Kendu, “Get your wife and work it out…it’s fixable.”

That’s when Mary J’s soon-to-be ex-husband responded, “I’m praying hard everyday. That’s all I want. Thank you for your positivity.”
Mary J. Blige - Kendu Issacs

It may not be over after all.

Hopefully, they will come to a mutual decision about what’s best for them.

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