Kendrick Lamar Makes History As First Rapper To Win Pulitzer Prize

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Kendrick Lamar has solidified himself in history as the first rapper to ever win The  Pulitzer Prize for his Grammy Award-winning album, DAMN.



Via NY Daily News:

Lamar’s 2017 album “DAMN,” which won a Grammy for best rap album in January, is the first nonclassical or jazz work to win the award, which comes with a $15,000 cash prize.

The Pulitzer board — which announced the winners Monday — called the album a work that captures the complexity of African-American life.

Lamar, 30, has been hailed for lyrics that are both pungent and poignant. His songs, including “DNA” and “Humble,” cover themes of race and survival in a musical mix that blends hip hop, jazz, soul and spoken word.

This is not only huge for Kendrick Lamar it’s huge for the culture!


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