Kendrick Lamar - Forbes - 30 Under 30

Kendrick Lamar Covers Forbes

Kendrick Lamar is stunting on the cover of Forbes30 Under 30 issue looking good as earned income credit!

The Hip Hop star is one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 honorees for not only being an incredible artist, but for also being a successful businessman, who locked down a $30 million deal with Nike.

Via Forbes:

“Any kind of business outside of art and culture and hip-hop, I have to have full creative control,” says the seven-time Grammy winner. “And having that control, I always wanted to have something that represents more than just a price tag.” He’s earned $78.5 million over the past five years, including a career-best $30 million this year, and inked a new Nike deal this summer.

Kendrick dropped this gem for everyone who is working hard to see their dreams realized:

It’s really about failure, not being in fear of that.

Once you tackle that and block that idea, and you know it’s okay to actually make a mistake or to fail at something, you get back up and try it again.

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