Kelly Osbourne has never been one to mince words and she’s not going to start today.

The co-host of “Fashion Police” took to her Twitter account and publicly denounced the actions and comments Giuliana Rancic made regarding Zendaya Coleman‘s faux locs.

**UPDATED** Zendaya Responds To Offensive Remarks Made About Her Faux Locs On ‘Fashion Police

Although she says she’s contractually bound to remain quiet about it, Kelly did say she’s giving “everyone involved 24 hours to make it right” or the world will find out how she really feels.

Kelly Osbourne also stated Zendaya is her friend and she’s seriously questioning whether or not she should stay on the show.


Kelly Osbourne tweets Zendaya Coleman
Kelly Osbourne, I’m happy for you and I’m going to let you finish…but, I’m wondering why it took you so long before you spoke out about the foul remarks made about your “friend.” Why not address it right on the spot?

I’ll keep you updated on this story.