Keke Wyatt Wants You To Know She DOESN’T Have A New Man

Keke Wyatt Shuts Down Dating Rumors

Keke Wyatt Shuts Down Dating Rumors

Keke Wyatt took to social media to set the record straight after a photo she posted on her IG page had folks thinking she was in love under new management.

The singer, who publicly announced her husband, Michael Ford, told her he wanted a divorce while she was 8-months pregnant, posted a very dark photo of herself and a man with the caption, “About last night… ????”

Keke Wyatt Shuts Down Dating Rumors

Her fans immediately assumed Keke had moved on and was dating a new man.

Three days later, Keke returned to her IG page to set the record straight.

Keke Wyatt Shuts Down Dating Rumors

3 days ago I posted a picture of my boo @mrwestmrfresh & I out having a good time…. I used a dark filter on our pic. to express my great night we had…. The assumptions that were made from that picture went out of hand. The comments were mostly funny to me and all false. Lol Just to be clear #1 I’m still a wonderful mother, married, faithful and most of all a child of GOD!!! ??? #familyfirst #loyal #integrity #friends #stopassuming #nofilter #teatime ….

One fan wrote:

I know I might receive alot of slack for my comment, but oh f**kin well….see what putting your business on social media does.

All this unnecessary speculation, like you cant have male friends. I was once told that its not good to become so emotionally weak that you start tell your business to any and everybody.

Your thoughts?


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