What a time to be alive for Keke Wyatt!

It was just a year ago that the singer felt like her life was falling apart.

Her 14-year-old son was battling cancer and her then husband, Michael Ford, told her he wanted a divorce when she was 8-months pregnant!

We all remember the heartbreaking video of Keke sharing her pain when she felt like she had hit rock-bottom.

Now, her baby is cancer-free, she has a new husband and now she’s living her happily ever after.

Yes! Keke Wyatt quietly tied the knot with Zachariah Darring on October 17 in Indianapolis.

Keke and Zachariah were childhood sweethearts and reconnected after her divorce.

She was surprised to learn he had been celibate for 6 years as he prayed for God to send him a wife.

Third time is the charm!

Watch below as Keke talks about her journey with TMZ.

Welp…it sounds like Keke is totally over her ex-husband, Michael Ford, who is in love under new management with “American Idol” alum, Paris Bennett.

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Congrats to Keke and I wish her much love and happiness.

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