Keke Palmer - Trey Songz beef

Trey Songz - Keke Palmer


Trey Songz initially responded to Keke Palmer by via Twitter.

Ironically, he said she could picked up the phone and called him. He also added that she was “bugging” and that she saw the cameras and the lights.

Trey Songz tweets- Keke Palmer

Then, Trey slid over the Instagram and wrote:

So sorry for those that believe everything without knowing anything. However, I cannot devote my life to responding to, or clearing up every side of every story you hear about me, when would I actually live? I know my character, I know my truth, I know my heart. God does too. Words to anyone who’s being tested right now…I feel you, it’ll pass, I’ve been in a million storms…they all pass. Don’t let the noisy thoughts of others drown your inner voice, or inner peace for that matter. #iwrotethisontheyacht #lmao #ididnotwritethisontheyacht

See the music video below that sparked the beef between Trey and Keke….


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