Kehlani deletes Instagram after Kyrie Irving fans troll her

Kehlani Deletes Her Instagram Page After Kyrie Irving Fans Troll Her

Here we go again…

Kehlani deactivated her Instagram page on Sunday night when Kyrie Irving fans swooped down on her like a flock of angry birds after he won the NBA championship.


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Four months ago, the singer attempted suicide following a mini scandal that resulted from her ex, PartyNextDoor, posting a photo of them in bed together while fans thought she was still in a relationship with Kyrie.

It was like deja vu when Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers scooped the NBA Championship.

Fans posted tweets, memes, and comments on Kehlani’s Instagram page clowning her for leaving the NBA star for a “Soundcloud rapper.” Their words, not mine.

Peep a few tweets on page 2.