A Georgia teen has a tough decision to make after she was accepted to 31 colleges!

Kayla Willis, Westlake High School senior applied to 44 colleges because she wanted to give herself options.

I didn’t want to limit myself. I also asked the question, how can I go to school for free?

Earlier this year I didn’t know where I was going to college. After I sat down and thought and prayed, everything came together.

I was more proactive than ever. I did things the right way.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Not only was Kayla accepted to 31 colleges in and outside of Georgia, but she also received scholarship offers of $925,000!

Kayla hesitantly shared her amazing achievement via Twitter and went viral.


But, it’s not about stunting for Kayla…she hopes her excellence will inspire others!

My younger brothers and sister are now saying, ‘How does it feel to be famous?’

I’m here to encourage. If you are proactive and persevere, you can achieve any goal.

Kayla Willis is taking her excellence to Fisk University in Tennessee on a full-ride scholarship!


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