Katy Perry took an L in her copyright lawsuit.

A jury determined the singer and her producer, Dr. Luke, stole the beat from Christian rapper Flame‘s “Joyful Noise” for her hit 2013 single, “Dark Horse.”

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

At trial, both Perry and Luke insisted they had never heard of “Joyful Noise,” while Gray pointed to his song’s success in a niche market. He offered the theory that the defendants may have heard it at the Grammy Awards or seen it on YouTube or MySpace, where the song was played millions of times.

The defendants also attempted to knock the plaintiff’s ownership of infringing material by pointing to how the beat was allegedly preexisting material. Finally, Perry and Luke called experts to the witness stand in an effort to show a lack of any substantial similarity of protected expression.

Unfortunately, none of that worked and now they’ll be moving forward to the damages phase and Katy will find out how many coins she will have to pay!

Listen to the songs below and let me know how you would rule if you were on a jury!


What’s your verdict?

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