Suge Knight - Katt Williams plead not guilty to robbery
Photo: Patrick T. Fallon/Pool Photo via AP


Suge Knight and Katt Williams appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to robbery charges.

Both Knight and Williams were ordered to stand trial for a September 2014 incident in Beverly Hills where the men were accused of taking photographer Leslie Redden’s camera to stop her from snapping pics of Suge’s son.

Suge’s attorney, Thomas Mesereau, argued, “The only evidence that exists is he didn’t want his son photographed. Any father would have acted as he did.”

Redden recorded the verbal confrontation with Knight on a camera hanging from her neck, but it didn’t record the alleged physical struggle over her professional camera. (How convenient?)

Last October, Katt Williams told TMZ they did nothing wrong. Katt stated he and Suge noticed the woman taking pics of his son. They checked her about it and she agreed to erase the pics. Then, she took off running and they gave chase.

What happened when they caught up to Redden is the issue at hand.

No trial date has been set, but they are scheduled to return to court on December 11 to get an update on the case.

Suge Knight remains in jail on $10 million bail in a separate case.


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