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Katt Williams Sued For Allegedly Assaulting A Waiter With A Salt Shaker

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Just when you thought the coast was clear, Katt Williams is being sued.

Remember back in 2016, when Katt was arrested at Spondivits in Atlanta and charged with battery for allegedly hitting a waiter in the mouth with a salt shaker?

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Well, the waiter is now suing the comedian and actor for some coins!

Via NY Daily News:

Plaintiff Kevin Oliveira says the assault took place at Spondivits Restaurant near Atlanta after Williams became “annoyed and irate” that his group would have to wait for a table.
Oliveira says witnesses saw the salt shaker blast him in the mouth.

First responders rushed Oliveira to Atlanta Medical Center by ambulance, and it took “approximately 10 stitches” to repair the damage, the lawsuit claims.

“As a direct and proximate result of defendant’s criminal action, plaintiff Kevin Oliveira has medical expenses, bruises, soreness, loss of wages, emotional anxiety and distress,” the lawsuit first reported by Courthouse News Service alleges. “Defendant’s act was done knowingly, willingly and with malicious intent.”

Oliveira’s lawyer Rickey Richardson declined to comment when reached by the Daily News on Monday.

Williams’ Atlanta lawyer told The News that the accusation is “an obvious attempt at a money grab.”

“This is someone trying to make money off of Mr. Williams,” Drew Findling said. “This is an old, frivolous accusation.”

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