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Katt Williams Gifts Beanie Sigel A New Lambo For His Birthday (Pics & Videos)

Katt Williams buys Beanie Sigel Lamborghini


Katt Williams Gifts Beanie Sigel A New Lambo For His Birthday

Before his unfortunate brawl in the club, Katt Williams surprised Beanie Sigel with a brand new matte black Lamborghini for his 42nd birthday.

Katt Williams Jumped At Beanie Sigel Concert In Philly (Video)

Lil Mo, who was on hand to help out with the surprise, gave the scoop and shared video of the special moment via IG.

When we do dirty people believe it. But when someone does something from the heart for someone they respect its always questioned. Wow!! No dice game involved. Katt said @beaniesigelsp is the KING OF PHILLY and a hip hop super hero and the vehicle should reflect as such!! My husband and I helped surprise him at show rehearsal. This is FAMILY. And we all work hard. Thanks to ALL who are apart or respect the sacrifice. We LOVE you. Yoooo @tah_bri this is ONLY the beginning!! #alhamdulillah ??? the whole truth is on KYSDC.com we don’t SELL stories. We make history. We have family responsibilities. We the ?frfr #stateproperty #beans #topshotta #dmite #lilmo #conspiracytheory #love #familyfirst #philly #kattwilliams #thefamitm #939wkys

See the videos and more pics on page 2.

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