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Katt Williams Jumped At Beanie Sigel Concert In Philly (Video)

Katt Williams gets jumped at a Beanie Sigel concert in Philly over the weekend. Get the scoop and watch Katt’s reaction to the incident.

Katt Williams jumped at Beanie Sigel concert

Katt Williams Gets Jumped At Beanie Sigel’s Concert In Philly

Katt Williams‘ week-long dramaticals got an extension over the weekend when the comedian and actor was jumped at a Beanie Sigel concert in Philly.

Multiple videos surfaced online of Katt completely amped in the club. The 42-year-old is seen doing push-ups and dancing extremely hard to Notorious B.I.G. hits.

Another video shows Katt revving up…then, he bumrushes a man on stage. The results were no bueno to say the least.

See the videos on page 2.

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