Katt Williams Challenges Kevin Hart To $5M Battle

Katt Williams really has it bad for Kevin Hart. Fresh off of his release from a Gainesville, Georgia jail for an altercation with a pool store clerk, Katt released a video challenging Kevin to a $5 million battle.

See, I seen your stuff on social media, boy boy. I know what you do. But, you do it for play play.

If you do it for real…here it is Kevin: I got a show at your hometown in Philly. I’mma tape my special there.

On that stage, we can do whatever you want. A full court basketball court, a boxing ring, two microphones for a rap cipher, or you can get your a** dusted in comedy on that stage.

But, it’s $1 million up for each one. That’s $5 million, Mr. $28 million in Forbes. I’ll be bringing mine in cash, mitch. Bring yours however you want.

And since you not a puppet, don’t bring no white people with you then.

That’s a $5 million bet individually. You can take it all or you can take it partial. This is the new movement.

And tell them Plastic Cup Boyz, we make enough to drink out of real glassware.

See the video on page 2.