Katt Williams Avoids Jail Time

Katt Williams will NOT serve jail time for allegedly ordering the beat down his bodyguard.

In March, Katt was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and the false imprisonment of Corey Dixon.

Dixon claimed when he refused to commit crimes under Katt’s orders, he was taken back to the comedian’s home in Gainesville and assaulted.

Katt reportedly ordered Tatiana Smith to choked and hit Dixon in the chest with a baseball bat.

Both Katt and Tatiana were arrested in March.

The Hall County District Attorney filed a motion to revoke Katt’s probation. But, when Katt Williams and three subpoenaed witnesses for the prosecution failed to show up for the hearing, the motion was withdrawn.

Something tells me Katt and the witnesses were somewhere having a lovely dinner together.