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Katt Williams Arrested In Portland For 4th-Degree Assault

Katt Williams Arrested In Portland For 4th-Degree Assault

Katt Williams has been arrested…AGAIN!

The comedian and Emmy Award-winning actor was arrested in Portland on Friday night and charged with 4th-degree assault for allegedly putting the paws on his hired driver.

Apparently, the gentlemen got into a dispute over taking Katt and his dog from the airport to his performance in the city.

Katt was in Portland to perform as part of Nick Cannon‘s “Wild N’ Out.”

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After allegedly assaulting the driver, Katt hopped in another car and left. Port of Portland police say the driver had visible swelling and cuts on his face.

Katt was arrested on Saturday for the assault as well as an outstanding warrant in Georgia.

He will remain in jail until he is arraigned on Monday.

The news of Katt’s latest arrest comes weeks after he made headlines for his exchange with Wanda Smith of V-103 over the Atlanta airwaves.

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Then, Kevin Hart got in the mix when he defended Tiffany Haddish after Katt Williams said the comedian and actress wasn’t funny.

Katt later apologized to Tiffany, but he and Kevin still have some little man beef to settle.

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I hope Katt will get himself together so that he can stay out of drama and jail.

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