Karyn White - Soul Train Awards


Singer Karyn White Speaks Out About The Soul Train Awards

Karyn White is speaking out about why she didn’t perform her hit 1988 single, “Superwoman,” during the Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds tribute at the 2015 Soul Train Awards.

Fantasia performed “Superwoman,” as well as Whitney Houston’s classic Waiting to Exhale single, “Shoop Shoop.”

In a video posted on her Facebook, Karyn said she was flooded with telephone calls and text messages asking her why she wasn’t performing her own song on the show.

I’ve been getting bombarded with questions from family, fans, friends….I’ve been getting tweets, texts, just people calling me…’Karyn, why weren’t you on the show? Are you okay? Is everything alright? Why weren’t you there?! Everybody else was there! We wanted to see you!

Good question. I…don’t…know! I never got a call from Face or BET or Centric or Soul Train Awards affiliates….NOBODY!

I don’t know. Maybe they don’t know I’m back in the entertainment industry. It’s been a few years now…

Karyn White went on to praise Fantasia.

I want you guys to know I thought Fantasia did an amazing job! She’s a bad girl! She put it down and it has nothing to do with Fantasia. It’s really just respect and the fact that Kenny wrote the song….but Karyn White made it a hit and I believe my fans deserve to see me sing the song.

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