Karrine Steffans is threatening to take legal action to shut down rumors she was carrying on an affair with Mary J. Blige‘s husband, Kendu Isaacs.

The self-proclaimed video vixen and author has fired off cease and desist letters to blogs who reported the story.

Her attorney wrote:

The story is false and slanderous and has caused harm to my client. It is herby demanded that you retract the story. Failure to comply will lead to legal action. You are hereby demanded to remove the article from your site and cease and desist the continued publication of the article on your web site.

Mary J. Blige filed for divorce last month to end her 12-year marriage to Isaacs. When the rumors surfaced, many didn’t find it hard to believe given the reputations of both parties.


In an exclusive statement to the Jasmine Brand, Karrine said the rumors are hurtful to her and her family and she doesn’t understand why she’s always targeted by blogs or at the center or rumors.

It’s hurtful to my family and me, as I’m sure it is hurtful to everyone involved, to wake up on a perfectly blessed day only to find lies written and spread around the internet. I just don’t understand why I am constantly being targeted and forcibly lodged into rumors about situations that have nothing to do with me. So much of what blogs have written about me in the past decade has been complete lies. If it’s something I make public, okay, fine, have a field day. If it’s speculation, ask me and I’ll tell you. I have built trustful relationships with several blog sites that know they can always call or write and ask me anything. But, here is the thing: those who can’t talk to you, talk about you. If you haven’t heard it from me, take it with a grain of salt. In the meantime, I would appreciate being left out of other people’s drama.

No one likes to have an untrue rumor circulating about them.

At the same time, if you’re claim to fame is bragging and writing books about men you’ve slept with, people won’t have a hard time believing scandalous rumors about you.

Your thoughts?