Karen 'KK' King Asks Fans To Pray For SAS

Karen “KK” King Asks For Prayers & Donations

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” newcomer Karen “KK” King is opening up about SAS getting shot in the head earlier this month.

“KK” expressed her gratitude for her son being “alive and well,” but she also asked fans to pray for him and donate money because the bullet is still lodged in the back of his head.

The bullet is still in his head and we’re working on getting the bullet removed.

It has to get in a certain position because right now, it’s fatal to remove the bullet.

But, if we leave the bullet it will cause him problems the rest of his life.

So, we’re just trying to do different therapeutic exercises to position the bullet so the bullet can be removed.


She continued…

If you want to give, we’ll appreciate it and if you don’t want to…hey – we gone get it. You know we are!

So, it’s all good.

See the video below.



A GoFundMe page has been launched asking fans to donate $50,000 to pay for the removal of the bullet in SAS’ head. But, when a fan blasted her and accused her of running a scam to collect money, the donations stalled out at $40.

Karen “KK” King was arrested on charges of financial identity fraud, theft by taking, and forgery in the first degree.

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