Kanye West - Donald Trump - Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kanye West was a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday night.

As expected, Ye went on some pretty long-winded dialogue about everything from his kids to fashion to being bipolar.

But, what I’m sure most people wanted to hear him discuss why he’s so adamant about supporting Donald Trump.

Kanye first offered an eye-rolling I’m just going against the grain explanation.

But, he was rendered completely speechless when Jimmy asked him about his president tearing families apart!

There are families being torn apart at the border of this country.

There are literally families being torn apart as a result of what this president is doing. 

I think that we cannot forget that. Whether we like his personality or not his actions are really what matter.

I mean, you, so famously and so powerfully said, ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people.’

It makes me wonder what makes you think that Donald Trump does – or any people at all?!

Ye was so stuck on stupid, that Jimmy threw it to a commerical break.

Watch the moment below.


Watch Kanye West’s full interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” below.



Kim, come get your husband!

Y’all just gone head home and figure out how y’all are going to tell North the truth.

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