Kanye West - Ultralight Prayer - Kirk Franklin

Kanye West Releases ‘Ultralight Prayer’ Feat. Kirk Franklin

Kanye West collaborated with Kirk Franklin for his soul-stirring single, “Ultralight Beam” featured on his latest album, The Life of Pablo.

Yeezy reunited with the Grammy award-winning gospel recording artist for “Ultralight Prayer” and released it on Easter Sunday. It’s so powerful it literally brought tears to my eyes.

In the song, Kirk prays:

This prayer is for everybody that feels they’re too messed up

For everyone who feels they’ve said ‘sorry’ too many times

Let them know that’s why you took the nails so that we could have eternal life

If all of God’s children would get down on their knees and pray

And give up all of those things that pull our hearts away

You will forgive all of our wrongs and make us brand new again

Listen to “Ultralight Prayer” on page 2.