Kanye West “Famous” Video

On Friday night, Kanye West premiered the official music video for his The Life of Pablo banger, “Famous,” at the Forum in Los Angeles.

I feel absolutely confident saying this may be one of the most controversial visuals from Yeezy to date.

Via Rolling Stone:

The video, an homage to Vincent Desiderio’s painting “Sleep,” offers a voyeuristic look at an orgy post-coital, with West and Kim Kardashian surrounded by the sleeping bodies of famous friends (Rihanna and her ex Chris Brown, whose relationship violently disintegrated in the public eye), family (Caitlyn Jenner), former lovers (Ray J, Amber Rose), business associates (Anna Wintour) and controversial figures (Donald Trump, Bill Cosby and George W. Bush, who didn’t “care about black people”).

Lastly, directly next to West in bed, laid a nude Taylor Swift, who was the lyrical flint that sparked an uproar over the song to begin with.

Many of the video’s stars – Swift, Trump, Cosby and Bush for sure, the rest are up for debate – didn’t actually appear in the video; instead their doppelgängers were created synthetically in almost lifelike detail. Real or not, during an interlude in the video, the credits gave “special thanks” to every celebrity involved “for being famous.”

Chris Brown appeared to be amused by his inclusion in the video.

The singer wrote, “Why I gotta have the plumbers butt/ crack showing WAX figure?????. This n***a KANYE CRAZY, talented, but crazy ????”

Ray J’s fiancée, Princess Love, was BIG mad about it.

The look I give when I see the silly sh*t people do for attention… F**king weirdos

I won’t post the video here for obvious reason (nudity).

But, you can watch it on Tidal.

Sidebar: Anyone else notice Kanye had his wife and Anna Wintour placed face down (I guess out of respect), but fully exposed all of the other women?

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