Donda West passed away in November 2007 after suffering complications from plastic surgery. She was 58.

Kanye said, “If I had never moved to L.A. she’d be alive. I don’t want to go far into it because it will bring me to tears.”

You may recall Yeezy rapped about losing his mother because he moved to Los Angeles in “Pinocchio Story.”

And the fame will be got caught
And the day I moved to LA
Maybe that was all my fault
All my fault to be a real boy
Chasing the American dream,
Chasing everything we seen
Up on the TV screen

Kanye West bridged the love for his mother and his daughter, North West, beautifully on his emotional track, “Only One.”

Despite his hectic schedule, the proud father, who has a baby boy on the way, always makes Nori his number one priority.

While Nori’s here in Europe I have to have six hours a day with her because otherwise I’ll just work and she’ll get scheduled around meetings. Instead, the meetings get scheduled around her.

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